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Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
 It's often said that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of main cause for a global warming phenomenon recently. And it is being finding out that released CO2 in the atmosphere is absorbed by the ocean as well as a forest. it's very important to know the CO2 exchange amount of the atmosphere and the ocean for correct prediction of a fluctuation of the future CO2 concentration of the atmosphere. Our portable corbon dioxyde analyzer achieves highly precise automatic measurement to response this request.
 The CO2 concentration is measured continuously with a high accuracy by non-disperse infrared absorption (NDIR) method. It's possible to measure the CO2 partial pressure in the seawater continuously by using a gas-liquid circulatory equilibriator.

[Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyzer]

CO2-14 is an automated continuous analyzer that can be measure the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) in the sea serface layer and ambient air.

Lightweight - low power consumption with high-precision measurement.

Gas-liquid circulatory equilibriator using a gas permeable membrane is also small-portable.

Battery operation is also available.

Two-point calibration for high precision measurement is possible using two standard gases in different concentration. Calibration is done automatically (calibration time: user-settable).

It is available to monitoring the current measuring data with a time-series chart using your PC on LAN network.

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Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
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