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Total Cyanide Analyzer

【Total Cyanide Analyzer】

Total Cyanide Analyzer
 Automatic analyzer of total Cyanide concentration in the water is used for the water quality control of the environmental water control and the process control. This analyzer is used for the continuous monitoring device of Cyanide ion. To measure Cyanide ion, the gasification of ion produced by decomposition of cyano complex by UV radiation is done under acid state at first, and then CN ion separated by the gas permeation membrane is measured by the MS type polishing ceramic electrode which is our original electrode.

Total Cyanide Analyzer

This is optimum for the real time watch of Cyanide by the fast reaction to the total Cyanide and the continuous measuring method.

The complex decomposition by UV radiation and the gas permeation separation method. (There is no possibility to break the heating vessel and the splash of the acid like as the heating distilling method.)

It is possible to measure only free Cyanide without UV radiation.

The magnetic stirrer (MS) type polishing electrode is used in the detector unit, so the accurate measuring for the long time is realized.

By the temperature control of the detector unit, the reaction of the reagent and the response of the electrode is stabilized.

By the auto washing function controlled by the CPU, the washing at arbitrary time is possible, so the close of the sample line by the dust is prevented.

By the large LCD touch panel type display, the operation is easy.

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