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FTP Extractor (E) Download

About FTP Extractor

The FTP Extractor is a program for extracting data from our products into a local PC through the Ethernet connection. The data extraction is possible from the built-in memory or the PC card of our analyzers (600 and 700 series), and from those of our data-loggers.
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7.

FTP Extractor Installation Procedure

 Push the "Program_Download" link to start the download of FTPExtractor2.exe. After the download, execute the exe file. Then the FTP Extractor will be installed. After the installation, please use the software according to its manual (Please feel free to ask our sales department when in trouble).



Sep. 20, 2011
v.2.1.0: Data extraction from USB thumb drive connected with analyzers.
Jul. 20, 2011
v.2.0.6: Supported for the connection via VPN. Revision of the operation manual.
Jul. 1, 2010
v.2.0.4: Supported for Windows7
Feb. 26, 2008
v.1.5.1: Improving file management.
Jan. 9, 2008
v.1.5.0: Supported for Windows Vista. Improving the compatibility with "700 series". Manual renewal.
Nov. 15, 2006
v.1.4.0: Supported for our new model "700 series".
Jan. 12, 2005
v.1.3.0: A bags which file name error is fixed. It is available the multi monitoring with some instruments.
Aug. 5, 2004
v.1.2.3: A bag which a downloaded file has no extention while the file extensions are hidden by Windows is fixed.
Jul. 13, 2004
v.1.2.2: It is not needed a passcord to instal. Added new function: the data can be deleted when download is done.
Jun. 24, 2003
v.1.1.1: Improved the stability and efficiency of operation.
Jun.13, 2003
v.1.1.0: Multiple download is available from analyzer, when one holds down the Ctrl or Alt key for multiple selections.
v.1.0.0: Initial version